Before the world was created the people lived in a place far above here.. in a place where there was hardly any light at all ,”skyworld” ok.. the only light there was from this one tree a very special tree.. a tree which grew every type of fruit on it . So there was this couple “we will call them ok”, the wife was pregnant she wanted some of the bark from this tree to make tea, so she sent her mate to go get some.. he did not want too.. saying this was a very special tree and maybe harm would come to him if he did take bark. So off he went after some more yelling from the woman . When he reached the tree he noticed at its base a hole , at first he did not approach, then he went and looked in the hole he could see way down. He quickly ran to tell his mate.. she yelled at him for not bringing bark and said she would go see this for herself this hole and she would get the bark herself too. So up the hill she went and when she got there yes there was a hole , so this woman was a very curious one . She leaned and looked into the hole but could not see well. so she got on her hands and knees beneath that special tree and looked down into the hole. she wanted to see better so put her head in there . Not knowing the ground around her was giving way.. she started to fall so frantically trying to grasp anything to get a hold of.. she was grabbing all around but she kept falling through until she was through. She could see far below what appeared to be a greenish color bluish also. Far down below a flock of ducks seen this thing falling.. they were curious so they all lifted off the water and went see this thing.. it appeared to have nothing that would make it survive in this world of water. So they all got together and said we must save this thing. they flew under her she flopped on top of them. So now she was safe , but then the ducks started to tire and now were saying they needed a place to put her on .. then a giant sea turtle said put her on my back so they did . And now since that woman fell from the sky we will call her skywoman