so on this turtle she opened her hands and in them was a little dirt and seeds from beneath that special fruit tree and in the other hand was a strawberry plant. She knew she needed more dirt for this plant, by now many animals were around the turtle to see this strange creature. Beavers, otters, and even a muskrat all kinds of animals that were able to live in the water . They noticed she had put the strawberry plant into that little bit of dirt and the too knew it needed more to survive so they all decided they would find dirt for her. They tried one after the other to go down under the water but mant died doing so as the bottom was very far. Then the little muskrat said I will try , he was down way longer than the others he came plopping out of the water as the other and appeared dead as all who tried , they dragged him up on the turtles back. But then inthey saw his stomach move , he was not dead they helped take water out of him in his little paws was dirt in his mouth too , there was enough for the plant and the other seeds , so skywoman put the seeds in dirt and added the rest to the plant. Then she got up and started to sing , to dance in a circle but in a counter clockwise direction. She kept this on and the turtle was growing bigger all the time and the dirt was getting to be more and more, she continued this for a long time untill there was lots of dirt and the turtle was big as maybe a football field. But now skywoman was going to give birth, she would give birth to a girl . This girl would be very special she would grow and get older maybe three times as fast as normal, so in a very short time this girl was now a young woman. They lived well together , but after awhile the daughter became bored and as skywoman danced and sang each day the turtle and dirt was now very very big. The daughter asked her mother to go see what was off in the distance , her mother was at first not sure , but then she taught what could possibly be wrong as they were the only people on there . So the next morning the young woman left and walked for a very long time , maybe a day or more untill she got to the edge of the turtle which was now maybe as bid as a state , and getting bigger all the time. The water lapped at the sides of the turtle she stared off into the distance enjoying what she saw, then all of a sudden she noticed a cloud that looked different than the others , and this strange cloud appeared to be coming toward her, in fact it was . But as it got closer and closer she could tell it was of a human form , it looked like what her mother described as a man. He was dressed in white leather , and was a very handsome man she fell unconcious from excitement as he was next to her now. This man took from a quiver on his back two arrows and placed them on the girls stomach talking , he crossed them , one was a perfect arrow the other warped and crooked , even the point was not good. Then he was gone as the young woman woke she saw him no more just the arrows on her stomach . So she got up and headed home , she walked holding the arrows , but from inside herself she could hear voices , these were the boys or twins she would later give birth too. ok hun I will write more of this later,m im going outside a bit