We always look towards peace throughout any of our battles. There
is always a plan for peace. This does not mean making another nation
subservient. It means that the nation we fight must understand that we
will fight them until they agree to live peacefully with us under the
Great Law.

We never set out to destroy the other nation. They must agree to
live in peace and equality. If not, then we absorb them and they are no
more. No nation wanted that.If they agreed to the peace, they would retain
their language, culture, government, land and ways.

In our minds, we always wanted to make peace. If the adversary did
not want to make peace with us, then the black wampum string would be
dropped. This meant that we would then fight until we won. The war is
not over until we win. In 1784 the United States sued the Confederacy
for peace. This is because they had done so much harm to the
Confederacy, so we continued to fight with the newly formed United
States. Being a peaceful minded people we agreed to enter into a
peaceful agreement with them which we have lived up to and they continue
to violate.

The Rensken’ra:kete is not a soldier for the king. He is a soldier
of all the People. His name comes from okenra tsi rokete – the soil
that he carries in his pouch to remind him of who he is – a son, a man, a
brother, a husband, a father, a grandfather. It reminds him what his
duties are as a man. He must show utmost respect to the female. The two
combined – the male and female – is the continuation of life. He carries
the soil in his pouch which he hangs around his neck. When he is away
he touches this to remind himself of the land and the people he comes