Historically warriors have been outstanding soldiers. This is only
one aspect. There are examples like the battle of Chateauguay where 250
Mohawks stood against 7000 Americans and repelled them. There are many
other instances such as when 80 stood against 2500 at Queenston Heights
while the British ran away north to St. Catharines Ontario. At
Michilimakinac only a few canoe loads of warriors fought against
thousands. Many colonists did not want to fight the Rotisken’ra:kete.
Some adversaries would just give up and leave. The only real adversaries
were other

Indigenous nations. Both nations respected the specific rules of
war as outlined in the Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law of Peace. The Law
states that the “war is not over until it is won”. Many make the mistake
of saying, “We will fight until we die”. But it is really, “We will
fight until we win”.

Many of our tactics were imitated by the settler society. Guerilla
warfare was adopted by the Europeans. For example, the elite covering
themselves in black so as not be seen in the forest is one of our