What is a Warrior?

One does not become a warrior because he is a
young person. Creation mandated this as a duty and responsibility. It is
the most natural part of nature. It is based on the instinct to
survive. All species, humans, insects, animals, birds and every species
of life has this instinct. Without it, there would be no life.
Spirituality is the natural spirit to live. It is not man-made.

Where is this reinforced in our culture? A warrior has to know our
laws and ways. When he is asked, “Who are you?” Can he answer in his
language? A warrior is brought to the people during one of the four
appropriate traditional festivals. He receives his name through the
naming ceremony. When his name is announced to the people, then he
becomes part of the community. This is the political side of it. This is
the first step in becoming a warrior.

Then he remembers how he was raised by his mother after his birth.
How his relatives took care of him until his voice changed. Until that
time he always had his grandmothers and grandfathers around him. They
brought the philosophy and principles of our culture to him. The women
fed him, clothed him and made him comfortable, strong and healthy.

As his voice began to change, it was a sign to the old ones that
it was time to start the next phase of his education. His uncles on his
mother’s side took him. He went through a fast to seek his protection
and medicine. When he received it, then his medicine bag was made for
him. After he receives it, this is his protection. His umbilical cord,
which has been saved since his birth, is returned to him by his
grandmother and placed in his medicine bag. Through his woman relatives,
the soil of the earth is put into his medicine bag by his mother or
grandmother. He always wears it to remind him of who he is and what is
his protection.

Now he is ready to learn his duties, responsibilities and obligations to his people.